You Don’t Have to be Captain America

To be the heroes in the work we do every day, try these five ways to lead with Intention from Entrepreneur magazine:

  1. Provide a vision. This first step is the most critical – defining, clarifying, and demonstrating the Intention.
  2. Engage the team. This is not a one-time job. Instead, it’s an ongoing journey of reminding our teams what lived Intention looks like.
  3. Dig in. We can’t just preach the Intention, we have to live it, breathe it, and be it — no matter if we’re walking the halls of a hospital, in a cubicle, or in a waiting room.
  4. Celebrate the milestones. LEADING with Intention every single day isn’t easy; we have to choose it in every moment. Discover how the team prefers to celebrate – what is meaningful for them? When they demonstrate those milestone Moments of exemplifying Intention, practice positive reinforcement!
  5. Fail forward. There are going to be Moments where we as leaders forget what LIVING our Intention looks like. Own up to it – discuss what went wrong and how we, as a team, will move forward.