A Collision of Uncommon Concepts and Conversations

A Collision of Uncommon Concepts and Conversations

“I am not sure what words to use—AMAZING, MOVING, EXTRAORDINARY, INCREDIBLE—all these don’t even seem to do it justice!”

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A remarkable mix of people and Experiences STIRRING hearts and minds and STIRRING up what’s possible in health care. A place where artists, visionaries, change seekers, and health care leaders converge. Uncommon concepts take center stage. Presenters. Provocateurs. Performers. Let’s provoke the prevailing and frame the future.

STIR is where change begins.


A Dream-Like Gathering

Imagine TED meets making health care better for the change agents seeking inspiration and ideas to heal health care—in a day.

An Un-Conference

Not just another health care conference. Exemplars from both inside and outside the health care industry positively provoke the prevailing wisdom—bringing new perspectives and new possibilities. Ideas and conversations are the currency of STIR. No breakout sessions. No business cards.

Like-Minded Visionaries

Hundreds of intelligent, curious, and eager health care executives converge to Lead, Look, Live, and Love the unexpected. STIR is for senior leaders charting a new path for their organization—and the industry.

A Different Kind of Day

Remarkable presenters and performers from all over the world will take the stage to share big ideas, spark new thinking and STIR hearts and minds. Interactive salon Experiences will explore uncommon concepts, and every moment will invite the collision of unique people, thoughts, and ideas.

STIR Talks

See more videos and highlights from the STIR 2016 stage

STIRRINGS from our Participants


“STIR changed everything for us as an executive team. The power was in experiencing STIR together as a team and then instantly taking the ideas and inspiration and putting them into action.”

– Vidant Health

“This was by far the best health care event I have ever attended in my 23-year career. Mixing presenters with performers and provocateurs from various worlds was absolutely thrilling. I didn’t want the conversations to end!”

– Northwell Health

“The best ideas often germinate in the time that we take away from trying to solve our problems – bringing fresh eyes and fresh new approaches to the table. STIR gave me space to think and dream.”

– Kaiser Permanente

“What we experienced was nothing short of magical. We learned so much and met so many incredible people in such a short period of time. If the conversations at our dinner table were any indication, the executives left not only inspired, but empowered with specific action items to bring a more humane, empathetic and holistic approach into their organization.”

– Presenter

“You could not have scripted something so flawless.”

– Nebraska Health

“With STIR, what is most gratifying is to see The Experience Lab taking a leadership role in our industry to remind us what drove many of us to pursue this career path… that it is all about the experience and we can never take our eye off of that ball!”

– Main Line Health


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