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“You can wait for the world to change, but it won’t. The change you seek is in you. Change you, and your world will change. From the inside out.”    ~ ANONYMOUS

“You can wait for the world to change, but it won’t. The change you seek is in you. Change you, and your world will change. From the inside out.”    ~ ANONYMOUS






The Inside Out National Experience Transformation Collaborative is designed to investigate, innovate, and incubate bold ideas among a group of visionary health care leaders and Experience Designers. This collaborative will embark on a courageous exploration of new concepts, new frameworks, and new discoveries. Ultimately, Lab Partners will be guided in designing and activating their own “Big E Experience” initiatives to transform their organizations and the industry.


Originally launched as an immersive in-person Experience, Inside Out 2023 is crafted as a dynamic virtual Experience to meet the current needs of the health care industry. What sets The National Collaborative apart is the transformative power of interaction. As the nation’s first and only Experience transformation collaborative (coLab), we create a one-of-a-kind shared learning lab bringing together a small group of visionary health care leaders and health care systems. Together, they learn from and with experts and exemplars from inside and outside the industry to lead the way for designing a new-to-the-world health care Experience.

Over the course of a year, Lab Partners will:

  • Be guided through interactive virtual Discovery Labs
  • Engage with provocations, methods, and tools for exploring new concepts, new frameworks, and new directions
  • Interact with and learn from dozens of world-renowned experts and exemplars
  • Experience hands-on In Vivo Design Labs for applying new learning to unique business priorities
  • Partner with Catalysts to create and activate a custom Experience formula

For organizations with a more compressed timeline and specific needs, The Experience Lab also offers Inside Out Fundamentals.




Transforming Experience is the legacy work of leaders.

Focusing on what it means to lead for Experience, we will explore innovative Experience exemplars, new leadership principles, and pioneering methods for positive cultural disruption.


Learning to see what is rarely noticed.

We will use the lens of humanity to gain new perspectives and begin to see with new eyes —the eyes of caregivers, patients, and loved ones. Looking to truly see what is and what could be.


Be the change.

Experience is not just another thing to do. Experience is a way to do everything. We will move from ideas to action – creating Experience formulas to design and activate a better Experience for all.


Work is love made visible.

This personal discovery gets to the heart of the matter – an exploration of the power of love – loving those we lead and those we serve – to enhance organizational empathy, widen our circles of compassion, and design for and with joy.


Inside Out Method - The Experience Lab

Our team of Catalysts virtually guide Lab Partners through a series of four robust and provocative Discovery Labs accompanied by four action-oriented In Vivo Design Labs, and a final synthesis salon. In addition, throughout the year, a continuous flow of expert-curated tools, insights, and actionable elements, called Essentials, will maintain momentum, spark inspiration,and serve as the foundation for your Experience library and cascade mechanism. Along the way, The Lab provides regular support and strategic guidance to keep you accelerating and activating your discoveries and designs. Learn more.


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Questions the coLab seeks to answer:

  • How will we differentiate our organization by designing our culture and Experience?
  • Is there a way to more fully engage team members and providers as architects and leaders of our future?
  • Can we humanize the health care Experience? Rather than mitigate burnout, what if we design for joy?
  • How do we move beyond incremental change to real transformation? What do our team members, providers, and patients really desire and deserve in their health care Experience?
  • How might this global pandemic combined with an international reckoning on racial justice provide us with the opportunity to change everything for the better?


Inside Out alumni serve as faculty to share their expertise and transformational discoveries with the coLab.

John Jenrette, MD

John Jenrette, MD
Executive Vice President
Cedars-Sinai Medical Network

Julie Kennedy Oehlert, DNP, RN

Julie Kennedy Oehlert, DNP, RN
Chief Experience Officer
ECU Health

Sven Gierlinger

Sven Gierlinger
Chief Experience Officer
Northwell Health

Aggie Barton

Aggie Barden, DNP, RN
VP Patient & Customer Experience
Northwell Health


Lesley Wilson
Chief Experience Officer
UC San Diego Health

Kyle Christiason, MD

Kyle Christiason, MD
Family Medicine
UnityPoint Health

Tricia Newland, MD

Tricia Newland, MD
UnityPoint Clinic

Kellie Barton

Kellie Barton
VP, Chief Talent Mgmt Officer
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Nicole Hidalgo2

Nicole Hidalgo
VP, Communications
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Tricia Smith Edris

Tricia Smith Edris
SVP & Chief Strategy Officer

Pam Guler

Pam Guler
VP, Chief Experience Officer


Inside Out is best for high-performing health care organizations–large, small, academic, private, public, children’s, community-based, urban, and rural–those courageous organizations willing to provoke the prevailing and frame the future, together.

Health systems select four to 20 leaders from their organization to participate in Inside Out. Teams should include the CEO or executive sponsor for Experience, be multi-disciplinary, and are frequently comprised of senior leaders responsible for Experience, culture, people, operations, nursing, clinical, quality, brand, strategy, innovation and/or learning.


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