“I am and always will be a catalyst for change.”    ~ SHIRLEY CHISHOLM

“I am and always will be a catalyst for change.”



Experience Lab Catalysts provide expert, hands-on partnership and guidance to support visionary health care leaders in the design, activation, and cascade of their Experience formula, strategy, and priorities.

We are Catalysts, not consultants.

Serving as partners and guides for leaders to do their best, most courageous work — we bring the right elements and expertise together to accelerate change for individuals, institutions, and the industry.


Experience NOT as another thing to do. Experience as a way to do EVERYTHING.

Partnering with organizations in the transformation of their Experience and culture, we incorporate Experience Lab design principles and methods and integrate into operational systems, structures, and processes.


Catalytic Guiding is currently available for organizations who have participated in Inside Out or Essentials. Building from comprehensive time in The Experience Lab and the suite of themes, principles, methods, and tools, Catalytic Guiding provides a bespoke approach to activating an organization’s unique Experience Formula. Customized for each organization’s Experience priorities, Catalytic Guiding could include:

Enterprise-wide Experience Cascade

Enterprise-wide Experience Cascade: Wholesale transformation of the health care Experience involves understanding the Experience intention, exploring how that intention manifests for team members, providers, patients, and guests, and helping everyone to see how they can bring that intention to life. For organizations looking to develop a universal understanding of their Experience aim, lexicon, and fundamental actions — Experience Catalysts design and develop a customized cascade that integrates Experience themes and principles ensuring Experience as the way to do everything.

Often a multi-year endeavor, this expansive Experience Cascade is comprised of executive strategy, Design Labs, and Experience Salons that begins with executives, then cascades to leaders, team members, providers, patients, and guests.


Project-Based Guiding: Focused on a scoped and specific Experience project, element, or endeavor Experience Catalysts guide an all-inclusive transformation aligned key strategic priorities. Examples of Project-Based Guiding:

  • Opening new hospitals, clinics, and services
  • New team member/new provider onboarding Experience
  • Standing up the Office of Experience and Experience infrastructure
  • Team member Experience
  • Physician Experience
  • Patient Experience
  • Virtual Experience
  • The warm welcome and fond farewell Experience
  • Signature moments
  • Ceremony, ritual, and celebration Experience
  • Leading for Experience

Design Labs: These highly strategic Design Labs put concepts into plans, and plans into action. Experience Catalysts collaborate with organizations through a guided and detailed design process yielding an actionable plan and activation process of their desired Experience. Created to meet the rapidly changing needs of our industry, and customizable to support many unique business priorities, including:

  • Designing Experiences based on priority needs (virtual waiting rooms, virtual visits, humanizing the newly distanced in-person care Experience)
  • Signature moments, ceremonies, and rituals 
  • Designing for end of life
  • Creating healing spaces of respite and tranquility
  • Designing for joy (the antidote of burnout)

Custom Experience Salons: From welcoming core leaders to the Experience journey, to topic-specific or theme-based salons, The Experience Lab offers an array of salons to introduce principles, frameworks, and methods for participants to lead culture and Experience transformation through the lens of humanity.

Sa·lon [sə-ˈlän]  A 16th century Italian renaissance concept where intellectuals and artists would gather together to increase their collective knowledge through conversation.

These engaging sessions are designed as immersive learning Experiences rather than didactic educational sessions and guide participants through a personal and collective discovery process using the thematics from The Experience Lab. Focused on an intimate setting for exploration, ideation, and activation, these salons are designed in the spirit of growing together through conversation and provide a robust rubric for continuing the cascade throughout the organization. All Custom Experience Salons include hands-on tools, materials, and unique provocations.

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