“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”    ~ OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, JR.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”    ~ OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, JR.


The Experience Lab is an incubator of ideas and accelerator of action—a one-of-a-kind Experience design firm dedicated to transforming every aspect of the health care Experience from the Inside Out. The Lab is the place for visionary health care leaders and systems to explore, collaborate, and design the future for health care.


“Big E Experience”

Team Member Experience + Provider Experience + Patient + Guest Experience = Positive and Memorable Experience

Because everyone’s Experience matters

We take a holistic approach to designing organizational culture and Experience for hospitals and health care systems. It’s what we call “Big E Experience”—intentionally designing meaningful and memorable Experiences from the Inside Out. This transformative approach focuses first on the inside–on the team member and provider Experience. When we focus first on the Experience we create for and with team members and clinicians, we unleash an untapped energy and enthusiasm to create a new kind of patient and guest Experience.

The Lab is also a place to explore, collaborate, and design health care Experience from the Outside In. Showcasing, studying, and sampling Experience exemplars from outside the health care industry allows us to challenge the conventional and dream of what is waiting to be discovered.

Inside Out. . . and Outside In. A holistic approach to designing a more human health care Experience.


An actionable framework consisting of four themes —LEADING, LOOKING, LIVING, and LOVING—and twelve aligned principles informs everything that happens in The Lab. This dimensional construct guides the comprehensive exploration into the realm of Experience and informs all aspects of the design process.

Leading Looking Living Looking


Experience matters now more than ever. The health care industry is being called to create a more human Experience for everyone. Whether you are ready for total, transformative organizational change, are eager to grow your Experience expertise, or are simply seeking provocative inspiration and ideas for creating the future, The Experience Lab has an Experiment just for you.

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The National Collaborative for Experience Transformation

An expert-guided collaborative for visionary health systems to work together through a year-long exploration of new concepts, frameworks, and discoveries to design and transform culture and Experience.

Custom versions also available


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A Unique Primer for Curious Leaders

A self-guided, must-have Experience Design foundation—equipping leaders with the tools needed to create and operationalize memorable Experiences.

Catalytic Guiding

Customized Experience Strategy and Design

An expert-guided, strategic activation of Experience Lab design principles and methods—customized to an organization’s overarching priorities and designed to cascade change.

The Experience Lab - STIR

A Collision of Uncommon Concepts & Conversations

An immersive gathering designed to STIR hearts and minds and STIR up new possibilities for health care. Artists, innovators, change seekers, and health care leaders converge to imagine better, together.

Virtual Gatherings

A Space for Exploring Big Ideas & Timely Topics

Amplifying our belief in the power of being together, these gatherings mix art and science while providing a brave space for exploring big ideas, artful inspirations, and timely topics.

Health Hero Hotline

An Experiment of Gratitude

Listen to messages of gratitude, hope, love and support for our health heroes at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every breakthrough begins with a question–so bring us your big ideas, your hopes and dreams, and your audacious what ifs. Together, we’ll experiment, explore, and design a way forward, bringing together the right elements, insights, and individuals to unlock possibility.



Catalysts precipitate and accelerate change by bringing the right elements together at the right time. Our extraordinary team of Catalysts hail from both inside and outside of the health care industry, and are known for shaping culture and Experience for some of the nation’s best known brands and organizations.

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Sonia Rhodes
Founder & CEO


Angie Boucher
Chief Business Officer


Jeremy Brill
Chief Experience Officer

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Cameron Carter
Chief Creative Officer


Kathy Doherty
Director, Experience Logistics


Alicia Flynn
Director, Experience Activation


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