If You Build It, They Will Come

The Intention for the work we do won’t just come to us in a dream; we have to shape it and build it. Business mind John Coleman recently wrote in the Harvard Business Review that if we continue asking, “How do I find my purpose,” we’ll never find it. This is because “most of us have to focus as much on making our work meaningful as in taking meaning from it.” We have the power to create our collective Intention for the Experience we’re trying to create each and every day. How do we do this? Coleman argues in one of his more recent HBR musings that we must view our work as a true craft: a demonstration of service and mastery.

Let’s try shifting our mindset from finding our purpose to building it. How might this new point of view shape the Intention of the work we do? How might we benefit from discovering purpose in what we do every day rather than seeking the elusive and quite rare sudden understanding of greater purpose?