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Changing the Card Game

MOO is changing the business card game by combining beautiful, old-school, Personalized design with high-tech digital connections. While MOO prides itself on creating stylish, expertly crafted materials that help you start conversations, open doors, and strengthen relationships, they also realize that the business card as we know it could be more functional. By embedding Near Field Communication tap-and-go technology (the same technology that enables Apple Pay), users can hold the card up to a smartphone and exchange contact info, websites, and portfolios. No more fumbling for a pen or re-typing information. And, these users can instantly share the personal information of their choice. Richard Moross, MOO’s founder and CEO, says “It removes all of the friction of having to type in this URL, and you still get the beauty of the physical card that everyone gets and knows how to use.” It’s an ideal example of technology and personalization working hand in hand.

MOO’s intense dedication to customization also goes beyond their products. A unique perk they offer their team members upon completing two years with the organization is a handmade felt doll … Of themselves!  What may seem quirky is actually one of the most adorable displays of Personalizing we’ve seen in quite some time.

How might we evolve a current mode of Personalization in our organization? What new technologies might we employ to improve the Experience for team members, providers, patients, or guests?