Intention: More Than Trendy

Experiential marketing is booming, and this Adweek piece defines three priorities that will differentiate the good from the great in this category. We were not at all surprised to see that the theme of LEADING with Intention was a thread throughout all three priorities (recognizing that experiential is not a channel, incorporating brand planning, and measuring impact). Simply put, leaders need to understand and embrace the role of Experience in a purposeful way. While our organizations are not marketing firms, we are all activating Experience to set a new standard for how we align brand message with brand Experience across the industry. To be great, the author suggests that we express our purpose and Intention through the way we interact with all who come into contact with our organization – to live our Intentions, not just speak them.

How do we walk the walk of our Intentions? What does our Intention look, sound, or feel like for our individual roles, on our teams, and across the many Experience points in our organizations?