Principle: Intention

Your Intention is what you are aiming for – your North Star. It serves as an important decision filter for how you and your organization will move forward and informs the big picture and the little details. Setting an Intention is at the heart of LEADING a cohesive, connected, and orchestrated Experience for all.


When we begin by setting clear Intention, we can make a remarkable shift in how we approach our goals, our actions, and even our day-to-day interactions. When we know what we are aiming for, we know where to place our attention. That clarity helps us know what fits and what doesn’t – and sparks clear possibilities without getting lost in a sea of thought. When our team members, providers, patients, and guests understand the why behind decisions or changes being made — not just the what or the how — the result is also a more purposeful, personal, and cohesive Experience.

Perhaps said best by our friends at Holstee, “Our thoughts lead to action. Our actions create our Experiences. Our Experiences define our character. In each Moment, we define who we’ll become. Start this one with Intention.”

How it fits into LEADING

As we consider our work as leaders, Intention sets the tone and serves as our design tool and decision filter. It is about lighting the way and sharing the light with others in a connected, purposeful manner that can help turn goals into reality.

Intentions are not just the common threads that connect all of our people; they are also the threads that weave our hearts and minds into the work. When we set our North Star, it can be felt throughout all that we say and do.