The Illness of Incivility

In this eye-opening TEDx talk, Christine Porath shares how incivility – being rude or disrespectful – isn’t just unkind; it’s causing a “sickness” in organizations. When people are exposed to uncivil Moments, Porath discovered a correlation with decreased job performance and productivity as well as increased unscheduled time off. Interestingly, even those who witnessed these uncivil of Moments felt the same ill effects. Creating kind Moments is not just good practice, it’s critical for fostering a healthy, supportive, and productive environment for team members and organizations to thrive.

How might we make creating LOVING Moments a strategy within our teams or our organization as a whole? In what ways can we tap into how our organizational civility (or lack thereof) is Noticed, perceived, and felt? Through team member engagement, patient surveys? How will we help create Moments of kindness?