Ready for Feedback?

To give feedback that will help a colleague grow, it is vital to first establish deep trust. Executive Coach Monique Valcour knows this well after years of coaching and skill building with some of the top leaders at the United Nations. Valcour attributes three qualities to giving feedback that is not just heard but also learned from, and all three qualities stem from the power of Connection. First, the feedback must come from a place of positive Intention with the desire for the recipient of the feedback to grow. This can be accomplished by first Connecting with yourself — perhaps practicing a short meditation. Second, it’s important for the giver of feedback to remain open as the receiver reacts, maintaining a trusting, deep Connection as they reflect and respond to the feedback. Third, and perhaps most importantly, invite the recipient of your feedback to be a Connected and integral part of the solution process by asking questions like “What ideas do you have resulting from this conversation?”

Think back to the most meaningful feedback someone gifted you. What made that feedback actionable? How did the giver of feedback work to build a Connection? How can we replicate the elements of feedback that worked well as we aim to build the next generation of leaders in health care?