Can We Be Candid?

It takes more than one person to be candid. Candor, or the quality of being open and direct, has the potential to be received as either feedback or criticism. The difference between the two lies in the agreement made amongst the participants. In order for candidness to be an effective form of Connective communication, both the receiving and giving party must be in agreement. What does this LOOK like? How does it feel? Establish if the entire party believes that the benefits of candor outweigh the costs. It must also be a two-way street with everyone in the discussion; everyone must be willing to not only give candid responses but also be willing to receive them.  

Are we candid with one another in our organizations? Is there an appreciation for collective candor within and across departments? Why or why not? Can we be both candid and kind? What good could be gained from establishing mutually agreed upon candor as an accepted form of Connection within our organizations?