PA with Moves

While neurosurgical physician assistant Tony Adkins of Children’s Hospital of Orange County is a highly skilled PA, there’s one particular difference that really sets him apart: his dance moves. Working with his young patients who are struggling to get through everything from spinal surgery to brain malformations, Adkins aims to give these children a reason to be Joyful again, to rejoice. Known as the “Dancing Doc,” he’s found that patients and their families feel uplifted by dance, and their care actually progresses due to a decrease in anxiety and an increase in mobility. When working with patients of all ages, we can choose to instill a sense of Joy into the care provided, for the feeling and for the healing.

What are some unexpected ways to surprise or delight our team members, providers, patients, and guests? While we strive for our processes and procedures to function like a well choreographed production, in what ways might we encourage improvised outbursts of Joy?