Art Rx

Patients in Montreal may be surprised when they LOOK at their prescription and find that they’ve been prescribed art. Made possible by a partnership with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the physician members of Médecins francophones du Canada, physicians can now write prescriptions for free museum visits with the hope that patients can have a “relaxing, revitalizing experience, a moment of respite.” A growing body of research tells us that art can boost mood and impact wellbeing as well as provide a positive Experience away from illness. In a time when we’re much more aware of the negative effects that stress and anxiety have on physical wellbeing, its ingenious to lean on the healing powers of art to increase Joy in patients.

How might we make art and alternative forms of Joy in healing accessible for our team members, providers, patients, and guests? In what ways could artful and Joyful Experiences be incorporated into our work, our care, and our communities?