Putting Children First

Stanford Children’s Health asked parents to share their perspectives on their children’s stay. While designing and building their new children’s facility, Stanford engaged parents in several intensive scenarios to reach an understanding of their young patients that parents could provide. What do the children need? What do parents need? What worries them? How could a room improve their Experience? As a result of these insights, room configurations were altered to create an Experience more conducive to comfort and healing for both patients and their parents. From the placement of paper towel holders to the addition of purse hooks, Stanford Shifted Perspectives and LOOKED through the eyes of parents to ensure not just patient-centered care but also family-centered care.

What are ways that our organizations could engage the unique expertise of our team members, providers, patients, and guests to provide input on Experiences across our different places of work? How would a patient’s reflection on the LOOK and feel of the waiting room compare to a team member’s?