Principle: Staging


Just as goods are made and services are delivered, Experiences must be Staged. All the pieces, parts, and processes are masterfully pulled together to create a cohesive and Orchestrated whole. As leaders, we play a role in Staging, and on the Stage, to ensure each person has the opportunity to be in the spotlight and bring our best work to life.

Staging is about much more than our personal performance–it is the words we choose and the physical Stage we use. Our offices, websites, patient rooms, mobile apps, and parking lots are all Stages from which we bring our work to life and convey the feelings and Experiences intended, and that requires Intention, clarity, and purpose.

In our work, awareness of the physical and metaphorical Stage is vital. Our “onstage” is whenever or wherever we are in front of or in earshot of a patient or guest. It’s an awareness more than a physical place. Our “offstage” is Intentional too – providing the time and space for team members to reflect, refuel, and refresh. Places such as break rooms and healing lounges can give team members a place to rest and practice self-care while they take a break from Being on the spot and in the spotlight. 

How Staging Fits into LIVING

Through beauty, nature, wellness, and vibrancy, we seek to breathe life into our health care Experiences and bring new ideas, directions, and discoveries to life. Staging provides the context through which we’ll be LIVING and allows us to be mindful of the roles we play. We are all LIVING in the theater of life.