Principle: Personalizing


Imagine a world made just for you. Products, services, environments, and Experiences—all designed with your unique tastes, needs, and preferences Intentionally built in. There is no better way to tell someone they’re important than by customizing their Experience.

Personalizing is a practice that evolves as we tend and attend to what we Notice. When we Personalize an Experience, we more deeply Connect with our team members, providers, patients, and guests and demonstrate that they have been seen, heard, and remembered. The power of Personalization requires a trained eye as we not only remember the magic of each individual but also anticipate their needs and desires the next time we have the pleasure of serving them.

How Personalizing Fits into LOOKING

Within the theme of LOOKING, Personalizing encourages us to design with the end user in mind and that takes not only LOOKING ahead but also LOOKING deeper at those we serve. What do we Notice? How can we store that information and keep it readily retrievable? And most importantly, how do we use that information to create both a Personalized Experience as well as a Personal memory?