Principle: Orchestration


The word “Orchestration” immediately brings to mind the exquisite performance of a beautiful symphony. We envision a conductor standing on stage, setting the tempo, LEADING dozens of individual instruments and musicians to play in concert, Connecting and weaving together the various parts, bringing out the best in each musician, and creating a masterful and memorable performance. The symphony serves as a beautiful metaphor for “Big E Experience” and our own health care journey. We, as leaders, are the conductors — setting the vision and aim and bringing all the pieces together in a harmonic whole.

How Orchestration Fits in LEADING

As leaders, we are the conductors of our Experience Orchestration. Our role is to set the tone, pace, and tempo while drawing together the vital elements—our people, our processes, and our places — into one melodic throughline. We weave together the unique talents, individual gifts, and important pieces and spotlight each touchpoint an individual has with our organization. Just as virtuoso musicians are always practicing, rehearsing, tuning — it is for the Experience we bring to life. Orchestrating an interconnected and cohesive Experience takes practice, requires rehearsal, and will always be made better by fine-tuning.