Principle: Moments


The Moments of our lives—great and small—weave together to create the Stories and memories we hold in our hearts and minds. While it is sometimes easier to recall the big Moments—firsts and lasts, wins and losses, Joy and sorrow—it is the micro-Moments that make up everything in between. These everyday Moments are ripe with opportunity to craft with greater Intention—and mold into something more meaningful and memorable.

In health care, all Moments matter. Each interaction with a team member, provider, patient, or guest offers the chance to lovingly impact a day—or a life. One Moment is all it takes. And we can choose to design, curate, and bring to life Signature Moments—those thoughtful Moments and Experiences that uniquely define the spirit of the work and the organization.

How Moments Fit into LOVING

Any interaction, when treated with LOVE and compassion, has the potential to become a defining Moment. When we are present and bring our LOVE, energy, and empathy, we can make the most of each Moment. Every day is filled with opportunities to make LOVE visible. What will you do today to create a meaningful and memorable Moment?