Principle: Noticing


Thank you for Noticing. Our eyes can tell us so much about the people, processes and places around us — and the cues we’re constantly surrounded by. When we tap into Noticing, however, we do more than just engage the sense of sight – we see, we remember, and we can turn our learning into action. From the largest of gestures to the smallest of hints, when we Notice, we have the power to give our full attention to the who, the what, and the why. Noticing is the first step in identifying what is going right, where we have opportunities to better an Experience, and how we can unleash the possibilities that await us on the horizon.

How Noticing Fits in LOOKING

In the theme of LOOKING, Noticing helps us see what is and what isn’t and unlocks a new definition of what could and should be. To truly Notice, we must step out of our comfort zone and LOOK through the lens of humanity and of possibility, bringing new clarity and light to our work and our world.