How Burberry Uses AI to Drive Success

Burberry has always been a leader and innovator in the use of technology. The retailer has seen the success of using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost sales and customer satisfaction by Connecting and Personalizing the Experience for its customers. By asking customers to voluntarily share data, Burberry is able to offer Personalized recommendations both online and when a customer walks into a store. The company has also employed Snapcode from Snapchat to provide immediate product information, created an Apple Music channel, and employed Facebook “chatbots” during fashion week to provide additional information. Burberry is exploring ways to use AI technology in its production and product development, leveraging emerging technology to maintain its competitive edge.

In what ways might we use our data to create a more Personalized Experience for our patients and guests? Are there operational improvements that AI might enable to help us deliver additional business value?