Virtual Salon with Brad Montague — Hope is Where We Are

When it comes to radiating hope, there is no better exemplar than one of our favorite humans in the world: Brad Montague. In this inspiring conversation Brad explores ways we can show our team members, providers, patients, and communities what HOPE looks like every day.

Brad Montague is a film director, author, and the creator of Kid President. Known as our modern-day Fred Rogers — Brad joyfully taps into the wisdom of children and grown up children alike to make the world a better place. Brad’s joyful rebellion is one of striving, listening, and creatively experimenting to inspire everyone to see the world with childlike wonder. In his newly released book Becoming Better Grownups, Brad invites us to look at who we are being each day and consider what it might take to be the grownup we always wanted to be.

To enjoy and use as an accompaniment to the book, you can download the Experience Lab’s Lab Notes – our version of “Oprah’s book club questions” designed specifically for health care:

Becoming Better Grownups Lab Notes

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