Joy Burst with Ben Sollee — Music for the Soul

Cellist, composer, and storyteller Ben Sollee (and his guest artist, 7-week old baby Azicah) performs his genre-spanning music as inspiration for caregivers and health care heroes. This 15-minute concert — filled with Ben’s soulful sound — provides a musical respite for health care leaders, team members, and providers — or anyone needing a little energy shift.

Ben, a Kentucky native, is known for his performances, storytelling, and non-traditional album presentation. His music has no boundaries and his career has taken him from the stage to film and TV. You may recognize his music from shows like ABC’s Parenthood and HBO’s Weeds. His most recent project, Ruth “the world’s first dance book,” is an ebook filled with embedded dances from famed choreographers Keone and Mari, with original composition done by Ben. Through every project he shows the joy that can arise from passion, collaboration, and an eye for possibilities.

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