A Virtual Salon with Neil Prose, MD, and Ray Barfield, MD, PhD — Keepers of the House

Neil Prose, MD, and Ray Barfield, MD, PhD, Duke University Medical Center physicians and producers of the documentary film Keepers of the House, explore the vital role of housekeepers and key support service team members in the design of our COVID-19 response and our caring Experience as a whole.

The recently released documentary spotlights housekeepers and the critical – and sometimes invisible – role they play in our health care systems. We encourage you to also watch the 15 minute Keepers of the House documentary that is discussed during this virtual salon.

Neil S Prose, MD, is a Professor of Pediatrics, Dermatology and Global Health, and co-director of the Health Humanities Lab at Duke. Dr. Prose has given seminars and lectures on communication skills to residents, fellows, physicians and nurses in medical centers around the U.S and he developed a national curriculum in doctor-patient communication for residents in neurosurgery in the United States. In addition, Dr. Prose has consulted on developing curricula in doctor-patient communication in medical schools and clinics in South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya. He is currently creating a curriculum in respectful maternity care for midwives and health extension workers in Ethiopia, and midwifery students in Chilean Patagonia.

Ray Barfield, MD, PhD, is a pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician at the Duke University School of Medicine and the director of the Medical Humanities Program for the Trent Center for Bioethics, Medical Humanities, and History of Medicine. He joined the faculties of Duke’s Medical School and Divinity School in 2008. His early career focused on improving immune therapies for childhood cancer and understanding the moral aspects of decision-making in medical research involving children. At Duke he has focused on the role of theology, humanities, and the arts in the formation of physicians and was the founding director of two programs at Duke: Pediatric Quality of Life and Palliative Care and Theology, Medicine, and Culture. He has published widely in medicine, philosophy, and literature.

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