Is Your Culture and Experience a Differentiator?

For the past two years, a select group of courageous organizations have joined together to transform their culture, their Experience, and the industry.  Inside Out—The Experience Lab’s innovative national Experience Transformation collaborative—brings together visionary organizations and leaders to imagine and create the kind of health care Experiences their team members, providers, patients, and guests desire and deserve. Watch this year’s Lab Partners share their advice for organizations considering joining The Experience Lab to design their culture and Experience.

In 2020, a new coLab of four to six organizations will embark on a bold, year-long exploration of new concepts, new frameworks, and new discoveries. Leaders will travel the country and be guided through exploratory excursions, interactive salons, and engaging provocations–learning from world-renowned exemplars and Experience design experts all along the way.

Are you ready to take the leap to transform your culture and distinguish your organization by creating meaningful and memorable Experiences for all? Submit your application to be considered for the 2020 Inside Out coLab now.