“The future is ours to create.”

~ John Quincy Adams

Join Our Inside Out Dynamic Collective

Inside Out—the signature offering from The Experience Lab—is what we consider to be the grand experiment for transforming the health care Experience for team members, providers, patients, and guests. Visionary health care leaders will travel the country and be guided through exploratory excursions, interactive salons, and engaging provocations – learning from world-renowned exemplars and Experience design experts all along the way.

Four Intensive Discovery Labs. Four Cities. Unlimited possibilities.

  • Embark on a courageous exploration of new concepts, new frameworks, and new methods
  • Collaborate with innovative systems from across the country
  • Create a new future for health care, together
  • Four executives from each organization

Get reactions, guidance, and answers to the most common questions about Inside Out, from the participants of our national coLab.


Inside Out Is Not For Everyone

This “all-in” immersion is designed for organizations passionately committed to leading the way in “Big E Experience” Design and positive cultural transformation.

Everyone’s Experience Matters

Ideal Lab Partners are not solely focused on patient Experience–they understand that everyone’s Experience matters and are interested in designing a new kind of Experience for team members, providers, patients, and guests–from the inside out.

Collaborative Not Competitive

Just six organizations will be selected and the 2020 coLab will be composed to ensure maximum collaboration. Great care is taken to field a non-competitive coLab in which partners do not hail from the same competitive region.

Learn. Teach. Grow.

Lab Partners gain as much from the partners in the coLab as they do from the robust educational Experience. Applicant organizations should be open to learning, sharing, creating, and growing together. Just as in any laboratory, Lab Partners will have homework, be expected to come to Discovery Labs and In Vivo sessions well-prepared, and stay for the duration of the Experience.

Experience As The Way

Ideal participants understand Experience not as another thing to do—rather—a way to do all things. This understanding ensures a more expansive lens to Experience, Experience Design, Culture, and Culture Cultivation. (Let’s just say The Experience Lab goes far beyond HCAHPS, Satisfaction, and Engagement.)

Ideas Into Action

Inside Out is designed for organizations with the ability to take ideas and put them into action in their organization. Those with leadership development, process design methods, or innovation infrastructures are especially well suited.

CoLab Commitment

Field a Team

Four executives with strategic and decision making authority are empowered to guide transformation.


Discovery Labs are high energy, sometimes physically active, and always long, stimulating days (not to mention magical and awesome).


Commit to complete and participate in all pre-work, Discovery Labs, In Vivo sessions and Experience activation.

To be considered for the Inside Out coLab, please complete this brief application.