Experience matters. Now more than ever. This global pandemic and time of great change vividly spotlights what matters most for health care team members, providers, patients, and their loved ones, and creates a rare—once-in-forever—opportunity for health care systems and leaders to change everything for the better.

A catalyst for transforming the future of health care.
Since March, every single health care worker has proven their grit, creativity, and inventiveness—rapidly melting silos, creating collaborative solutions, and using the lens of humanity as their guide in making the health care Experience the best it can be. These uncharted times have called on the entire health care industry to quickly evolve—paving the way for this time of great change to be the catalyst for wholly transforming the health care Experience from the inside out.

A Lab is where breakthroughs happen.
The Experience Lab creates a safe and brave space for visionary health care leaders and systems to explore, experiment, collaborate, and design anew—creating the kind of health care Experience their team members, providers, and patients most desire and deserve. From the first minute of the pandemic, our Experience Catalysts have had a unique vantage to all that is transpiring across the industry—guiding the rapid design of Experience innovations and transformations based on the real-time challenges health systems and medical groups faced every day, including:

  • Healing Experiences and respite spaces supporting stretched team member and providers
  • Orchestrating the in-person and virtual visit Experience
    • Virtual visit Experience and provider virtual visit action kits
    • In-person visit/stay and clinic/hospital action kits
    • Personalizing safe and touchless Experiences: arrivals, departures, curbside concierge, car-side check-in
  • The guided Experience (virtual and in-person) for new patients
  • Team member, patient, and guest health screening Experience
  • Signature moments, ceremonies, and celebrations
  • Personalizing the end-of-life Experience: Honoring. Remembering. Healing.
  • Virtual new team member onboarding Experiences
  • New building, hospital, and clinic Experience design
  • Equipping leaders with Experience design methods and tools

Health Systems committed to a new kind of Experience are realizing the power of Experience experimentation—discovering new insights and activating meaningful breakthroughs.

The Experience Lab’s method includes four Experience Design theme—LEADING, LOOKING, LIVING and LOVING—and twelve actionable principles serve as the instrument of change. Born from big ideas or small insights, these health system visionaries are LEADING brave and bold transformations, LOOKING to see details that reveal new possibilities, LIVING into a more human Experience, and understanding wholeheartedly that LOVING is the greatest design tool of all.

To elevate your Experience, consider the ways you are LEADING, LOOKING, LIVING, AND LOVING your way to a new Experience:


Transforming Experience is the legacy work of leaders.
LEADING requires the courage to act—setting the path forward through thoughtful Intention—understanding that the hallmark of any Experience is the feeling imparted and the memory created.

Thinking about your team members, providers, patients, and guests:
How do you want their Experience to feel?


Learning to see what is rarely noticed.
LOOKING through the lens of possibility opens our eyes to what is and what could be, helping us empathize, personalize, and humanize the health care Experience.

What previously overlooked details—large or small—could reveal new
possibilities for your culture and Experience?



Be the change.
LIVING is where we bring big ideas to life and breathe new life into our health care Experience. As agents of vitality, we set the stage for transformation, and create the space for a new story to unfold. It’s about being and becoming the change—and Experience we hope for.

How might you breathe new life and energy into your Experience?



Work is love made visible.
LOVING is more than emotion–it is action. Choosing to bring our whole heart to the work— expanding our empathy and widening our circles of compassion— we create memorable moments that matter. It is not about chasing happiness. It is about designing for joy. Unleashing joy. And scattering joy all around us.

What moment in your Experience could be transformed through love?



About The Experience Lab
The Experience Lab is dedicated to transforming every aspect of the health care Experience from the Inside Out. Conceived as a place of true experimentation, The Lab serves as an incubator of ideas and an accelerator for action—bringing a curious collective of visionary health care systems together with Experience experts and exemplars from all over the world—to imagine, design, and bring to life a more meaningful and memorable health care Experience for all.