Jeremy Brill

Jeremy Brill

Chief Experience Officer

Why I’m Here

I grew up in a family of physicians and nurses—passionate care providers who instilled in me the importance of healing through human connection. I envisioned a similar path for myself, but the health care I found when I started my journey wasn’t what I expected. The relationships between care providers, patients, and family members have fallen behind technological and clinical progress. I believe the formation of healing relationships is at the heart of creating transformative Experiences.

My passion is designing our processes, technology, and places to develop human relationships—collaborating with our team members, patients, and family members to design the Experiences we all desire and deserve. Together, we can form healing partnerships that transform our health care systems and ourselves. My dream is to ultimately make health care feel like home for our team members, patients, and family members.

Where He’s Been

Jeremy is not only an incredible Experience designer and producer, he is our go-to science and biomed terminology guru in the Lab.

He’s been a leading Experience producer in partnership with Sonia Rhodes for the past two years. In that time, he guided partner organizations—including UC San Diego Health and Northwell Health—in the activation of Experience strategy through ideation, realization, and collaboration.

As an Electronic Medical Record Specialist, Jeremy imagined and designed a new communication Experience for physicians to collaborate across different software platforms. During his time at the University of Michigan, he was the TEDxUofM Curator and Editor—leading a team of writers, artists, and speakers in the design of content for the digital and physical stage.