Cameron Carter

Cameron Carter

Chief Creative Officer

Why I’m Here

The first time I read The Experience is the Marketing, a light went on for me—yes, it’s the essence of a brand AND it’s each and every Experience we have with those brands. I love what I do—mostly talking with people, finding out what truly matters to them, then imagining how brands can best emotionally connect. This type of work has always been most meaningful when it starts culturally with teams and then radiates out to the Experiences created and crafted for consumers.

When Sonia, an amazing leadership mentor and guide, asked me if I wanted to “help make a dent in the universe by making health care better,” there really was no choice. I had to say yes because this is MUST work and I wanted to give it my all.

Where She’s Been

Cameron’s mission is to inspire, direct, and drive organizations to think creatively about strategy and Experiences. Innately curious and fueled by the power of ideas (and coffee), she has a creative spirit and an open mind. She is skilled in myriad methods of consumer research and insight mining, excels in helping brands connect through Experiential storytelling, and has a rich background in marketing and communications with some of the best brands in the business, such as IBM, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Banner Health System, Piedmont Health, Novartis, MAP International, Kimberly Clark Professional and many more.

Her blue-sky thinking comes from her obsession with cloud gazing (literally) and seeing what others forget to notice. Sometimes it’s important just to look up and pay attention to the colors and shapes. There’s always something intriguing to notice, a story to connect with. The magic is in the looking.