Transformed From the Inside Out


In 2017, six visionary and courageous health organizations participated in the Experience Lab’s inaugural grand experiment, Inside Out. This year-long deep discovery and exploration by a group of visionary leaders worked to create the future of health care, designing a new kind of Experience for team members providers, patients and guests – because everyone’s Experience matters.

Our 2017 Inside Out Lab Partners recently gathered together again to reflect on their transformational journey, discuss highlights and successes, and offer insights gained along the way. The team from Cedars-Sinai Medical Network (CSMN) shared powerful stories about the work they are doing to establish their Experience intention and develop a common lexicon for creating Outstanding Experiences every day.

Brad Rosen, MD, one of the leaders at CSMN, was equipped by his year of discovery in Inside Out to think differently about the health care Experience and help guide the organization’s transformation. Collaborating with his colleagues on the design and activation of their organization-wide Experience immersion at CSMN, Brad also found himself living his own change as well. It was his work at the bedside that further revealed some of the most profound changes in the way he approached medicine. Brad shared some of his insights with us during one of his teaching rounds:

“…The residents and I are usually so laser-beam focused on moving quickly, understanding the medical (i.e. scientific) aspects of patients’ illnesses, and ensuring timely discharges, that we tend to neglect the gentle souls inhabiting the gowns. This time was different.

My Inside Out Experience has sparked in me an enlightenment about the importance of expressing (and in this role, in TEACHING and ROLE MODELING) love and empathy… Our patients are us, and we are them—the only difference between us is luck. Having chosen this profession, we must always remember to give our patients everything we can every single day.”

Brad helps us understand that Experiences happen in moments–and they can happen both on the grandest of stages and in the most intimate of connections. We are honored to partner with Brad and leaders and caregivers like him who see a better Experience not as another thing to do–rather Experience as a way to do everything.

Want to know what it takes to be part of Inside Out, the national Experience transformation collaborative, explore The Experience Lab.