A Virtual Salon with The Second City — Improvising in Times of Change

The Experience Lab welcomes our long-time collaborators from The Second City Works in Chicago for this special Virtual Experience Salon on improvisation. We explore vital new leadership skills needed in times of great change through the art and practice of improv.

The Second City is a place for comedy, theater, and improvisation. Even the name was adopted as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Chicago’s place as “second city” to New York. It began as a stage for performers and artists to experiment with improvisational comedy, riffing off one another in scenes and story lines, and continually taking on new personas with its “Yes, AND!” methodology. Devoted to developing performers and teaching the principles of improv to leaders across all businesses and industries, Second City Works provides the tools and techniques needed for leading into the future. Expert performers and educators Butch Jerinic and Tyler Kempf will thoughtfully guide our exploration into improvisation.

The Experience Lab is hosting weekly virtual Experience Salons with exemplars and experts focused on timely topics specific to your internal and external COVID-19 response. Stay connected to our stories or follow us on LinkedIn for more information on future gatherings.