“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”    ~ OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, JR.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”    ~ OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, JR.


The Experience Lab is dedicated to transforming every aspect of the health care Experience from the Inside Out. It’s what we call “Big E Experience”–creating meaningful and memorable Experiences for and with team members, providers, patients, and guests–because we believe everyone’s Experience matters. Our Catalysts use innovative Experience Design principles, lenses, and techniques to guide, inspire, and equip visionary health care systems–our Lab Partners–to imagine anew. Together, we will intentionally design a new future for health care.


Whether you are ready for total, transformative change, are eager to explore the realm of Experience, or are simply seeking provocative inspiration and ideas, The Experience Lab has an Experiment just for you.

The Grand Experiment

Our signature year-long offering.
8 Organizations
4 Discovery Labs
4 Cities
Experience Essentials
Unlimited Possibilities

A Unique Primer for Curious Leaders

An immersive and steady flow of insights, tools, and methods for expert Experience Design, Culture Cultivation, and Organizational Transformation.

Daily Access to Essentials Collective
Weekly Sparks
Monthly Action Kits
1 Experience Salon

An inspiring, sensory transformation
for healing health care spaces

HD, aerial, time-lapse,
and slow-motion cinematography

A variety of natural settings

A sense of wonder and awe

A Collision of Uncommon Concepts and Conversations

A one-day thinking studio that brings together a remarkable mix of people and Experiences to STIR hearts and minds and STIR up our notion of what’s possible.



Catalysts precipitate and accelerate change by bringing the right elements together at the right time. Our extraordinary team of Catalysts hail from both inside and outside of the health care industry, and are known for shaping culture and Experience for some of the nation’s best known brands and organizations.


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