You Matter Marathon

There is a “You Matter” marathon this month that we invite you to join and share. It is a global initiative that makes a positive difference between individuals and within communities by simply being in the Moment and choosing to use that interaction to show people how much they matter. 

Now more than ever, people are feeling alone and craving meaningful Connections. This inspiring story shares one power of one Moment of kindness. While at the grocery store, one woman noticed another customer struggling. Rather than passively doing nothing or pretending not to notice, she decided to create a Moment by handing her a card with two simple words that made all the difference.  It was a small gesture, yet created a lasting impression for both the giver and receiver.   

Let’s do our part to spark some much needed compassion and kindness in the world—it’s a little bit of good that goes a long way—and one Moment is all it takes.