Wordless Stories

Not all stories are told with words. Married couple, dancers and choreographers, Keone and Mari Madrid use dance and movement to weave intricate stories together. It doesn’t take an expert in dance to understand that Keone and Mari are masters at their craft. In their competition for NBC’s “World of Dance,” Keone and Mari took our breath away not only with the technicality of their movement, but in the way in which they use their bodies to tell a story. 

As you watch this recording of their performance, which artfully depicts the interference of phones and technology with human connection, notice how Keone and Mari clearly share a storyline alongside the music and movement. Yet it is without one of the most commonly thought necessities of Storytelling: words. 

If you’re thinking you’ve seen the duo before, it just might be that you’ve watched them in their emotional tribute Built for This for Health Heroes nationwide or perhaps in one of Justin Bieber’s music videos, Love Yourself and Confirmation.

Some of the stories we see in our patient rooms are stories of the most complex emotions in our lifetimes: loss, grief, fear, perseverance, hope, and healing. How can you help the people in your organization be better “listeners” of these visual stories?

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