Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Researchers have Noticed that rudeness does more than affect doctors’ moods – it actually impacts performance. This New York Times piece examines the research and highlights that, although many health care professionals may feel immune to rudeness, it does in fact change how they behave and perform. Rudeness creates a negative environment, and it’s important to Notice the energy around us and where various influences come from. To help prevent the negativity, we can look carefully for potential sparks for those behaviors. What sets people off? How is stress playing a role? What pressures can we help alleviate? Rudeness affects our spirit, morale, and behaviors. We need to Notice it before it gets in the way of health and in the way of healing.

What might upset parents or patients in our hospitals? What about our nurses and doctors? In what ways might we help maintain a positive environment by eliminating negative cues?

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