What is Empathy, Anyway

It’s hard to understand living Wholeheartedly without fully understanding empathy. In this 10-minute primer to empathy, philosopher Roman Krznaric explores the notion that we’ve now reached a point in our society where businesses, services, and priorities have shifted from introspection to an Age of Outrospection. What he means by this is that in the 20th Century, we turned inward and tried to learn only from ourselves – understanding our own feelings, thoughts, and actions. And it didn’t work. We are now learning that we can only be successful in our lives, personal and professional, if we aim to plan around the understanding of and service to others. When we step outside ourselves and get a better sense of how our hearts, minds, and efforts play into the bigger picture of affecting others, we can better guide the decisions we make and the work we do towards making a true difference in the lives of those we serve.

Watch Krznaric’s video on empathy. How might we practice outrospection in our work, and how might it affect our team members, providers, patients, and guests?

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