This Week in “Big E Experience”: Keep Climbing

Pre COVID-19, catalysts in The Experience Lab spent much of our time on Delta Airlines. It is an airline The Lab has trusted and admired for their commitment to their Experience, from the inside out. During these difficult times, we’ve continued to Notice and the positive way Delta is communicating details. CEO Ed Bastian sent a memo first to team members clarifying Delta’s commitment and the safety measures being put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. Next, he shared with customers Delta’s commitment to extending SkyMiles through 2023, waiving travel fees and sharing news of the new “Delta Clean.” This small message, while seemingly insequential to some, matters to so many and demonstrates the power of small details in the alignment of brand message and brand Experience.  Bastian continues to LEAD his company so beautifully, adapting continuously to the pandemic-related challenges and keeping Delta going which is spotlighted in this recent HBR piece.  

In unprecedented times, Delta is also exemplifying why it matters that we experiment, learn, and grow every step of the way. Delta shares frequently the many ways they are learning from this Experience. It’s what we call “Experience Resilience,” and it’s as important in health care as it is in the airline industry.

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