Waste Not, Want Not

Perspective Shifting helps us see people differently and also helps us see problems differently. And, it can help generate some pretty clever solutions. For example, researchers are tackling the food waste and food packaging issue that’s filling our landfills by creating packaging from the food waste. That’s right – researchers are using produce such as mushrooms, tomato peels, and kelp to create packaging for everything from pizza boxes to water bottles. So, instead of foam pellets, your glass bottles may soon be arriving in a molded material made from mushrooms. The new packaging doesn’t add to landfills because it is compostable and even edible, although as Eben Bayer, founder of mushroom-based packaging company Evocative said, “You could eat it…although we don’t encourage that.” 

Whether wasted product or wasted time, all of us Experience waste in some capacity in our work. How might we change the way we LOOK for and at what’s wasted to gain new insight?

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