Noticing Details Large and Small

Noticing takes practice. In this most unusual time, there are incredible insights, ideas and innovations we are Noticing emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attention to details large and small, that are worth spotlighting, as businesses do their part to support flattening the curve. LUSH promoting hand washing guidelines and offering free hand washing stations in their storefronts in the UK.  Delta Flight Products shifted its attention from making aircraft interiors to making face shields to support health caregivers and introduced a new chief health officer which is now a permanent position focused on team member wellness. And Zappos repurposed what it does best—providing exceptional customer service and helping people find answers for anything. It’s inspiring to see so many industries pivoting to do what they can to make the Experience better for everyone. 

Through this time of COVID, are you Noticing daily details more vividly? Take time to Notice if  there are small moments or elements from our day (of which we may have previously been blinded to) that are now more present and in our sights.

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