Elements of Storytelling

Last week we explored what it takes for a story to exist: an audience, a storyteller, and a journey to share. Now, let’s delve into the elements of story with organizations who bring Storytelling to life through their work. While we already know that it takes a beginning, middle, and end to craft the arc of a story, it can be more difficult to understand how to craft a health care Experience story, how to record that story, and then, how to disseminate it (it is called Storytelling after all). Where do we even begin this practice in our organizations?

This week, we’re featuring three different methods of bringing Storytelling to life. Envision what these Storytelling methods could look like in practice within your teams, and remember, while each day we are working tirelessly to change health care, we are also creating the stories to share with our team members, providers, patients, and guests.

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