Use the Force

Star Wars Disney

An alternative way to tell the stories of humanity is to flip the model: add humans into the story. When Disney opened a fully immersive Star Wars hotel on their Orlando property, we tuned in. All of the hotel’s cast members are dressed in character and costume, each guest receives their own storyline, and, since it’s meant to take place on a spaceship, windows look out to outer space. Quite literally, guests won’t stay at the hotel – they will become a part of the story. This ambitious hospitality Experience reshape what it means to be a fan, a guest, and a participant in a brand. It simultaneously set a new standard for both the entertainment and hospitality industries. Stay here, and the force will be with you, always.

Remember: the brand of your Experience is defined by the stories patients and guests live while interacting with your physical space and your team members. Make it your own.

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