Transparent Leather

What do we do after facing a scandal? “Throw open your doors and share your guts” might not be oue first choice, and yet it was for Detroit-based Shinola, a luxury leather retailer. In order to keep their customers and earn back their trust, they added a small, glassed-in workshop to their Detroit flagship to promote transparency around how their products are made. Then Shinola went a step further to ensure they were transparent to all of their customers

Using the power of virtual reality and celebrity influence, Shinola Orchestrated a 360-degree tour of its main factory in Detroit featuring actor Luke Wilson to encourage all customers to look into the “guts” of the company. Aligning their brick-and-mortar goal to be transparent with customers with their international online customer base required Orchestration across locations and across platforms, but it paid off. Shinola remains one of the most sought-after leather goods companies in the nation.

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