A Storied Museum

People in Museum

The American Writers Museum in Chicago has a public hub for the art of Storytelling. Less of a memorial to writers and more of an interactive space to inspire the writers of the future, the museum uses art, technology, and changing exhibits to show that we are a literary people. We tend to think of writing as a finished thing – paper and words – but this museum explores what it means to be an American writer and celebrates the endeavor in and of itself. Among the many interactive exhibits, one features a quiet, thoughtful activity for visitors to actually become a part of the museum’s future. Guests write their own poem and leave them in a basket. All of the poems are incorporated into the compost of an onsite garden, letting the words merge with the earth and nurture future growth. Author Rosellen Brown summed up the heart of the museum. “We write stories.

How might we inspire our team members to take part in writing the story of our organizations? What if we created a space for writing and Storytelling?

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