The Original Method

When stories were first told, they were not read or recorded – they were simply spoken aloud. The Moth, a non-profit organization founded in New York City, aims to keep the beautiful art and craft of Storytelling alive by organizing live audience events and now even some virtual StorySLAMS across the country.

After organizing many of these events and hearing a lot of stories, the team at The Moth soon learned more about what it takes to tell a truly great story. Exemplifying many of their tips is Kevin McGeehan, party planner extraordinaire (listen to his story to learn just how great of a party this was). In order for a story to be authentic and best understood, it should be told from the heart—not read from a page—it should hold some high stakes, and you must stick the landing (the end of a story can make it or break it). Be sure to check out the Moth’s newly transformed Story stages. 

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