The Language We All Speak

While we’ve been focusing quite a lot on how to Stage Experiences, there’s a part of our lives that we can Stage that you might not consider: our bodies. In an effort to learn about how the placement of your arms, hands, and legs speaks to how people feel, our friends at SoulPancake brought a body language expert to a park to analyze visitors. Body language plays a significant role in who we are as leaders — affecting how our team members think of us and also how they perceive the way we feel about them. For example, when we keep our arm and hand movements open, we build rapport with those around us much more readily than if we steeple our hands and use closed gestures. Take a peek at the video to see how you might be sending signals that you aren’t even aware of.

How do you Stage your body - arms, legs, and hands - when with superiors? How about when you’re with your team members? Based on the tips from the body language expert in the video above, how might we consider changing our body to Stage ourselves as welcoming, confident, and open leaders?

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