The Future in Sight

Apps allow us to control our homes. Our music. Our communications. Our social life. Why not our vision too? Enter the Smart Glasses

that can automatically adjust their focus with the press of a button. These liquid-filled beauties are controlled by a mobile app that only needs updated prescription information to remain accurate for the user.

“The major advantage of these smart eyeglasses is that once a person puts them on, the objects in front of the person always show clear, no matter at what distance the object is,” says Carlos Mastrangelo, the electrical and computer engineering professor LEADING the research along with doctoral student Nazmul Hasan.

This is good news for our ability to Notice because Noticing, of course, requires seeing things clearly. By the age of 45 most of us will need glasses for reading, and those who do wear glasses will be changing prescriptions on a nearly annual basis. That’s a lot of time and money to ensure that we can see clearly. With these new smart glasses, we’ll never have to replace a prescription again, and we’ll be able to shift perspectives however we choose. These clunky spectacles may LOOK a little odd now, yet don’t fear; the team is still working on streamlining the design. The future is bright!

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