Tesla: When the Story is the Company

When Tesla set out to change the automotive industry as we know it, they didn’t do it with a car. They did it with a Story. And that Story has evolved. What began as an all-electric, environmentally friendly, future without fossil fuels is now a promise of safety with autonomous driving technology and more accessible pricing. The very future of the definition of a car is being reimagined as a beautiful story of what is yet to come. Tesla’s market value shockingly surpassed Ford’s, not because of what they’ve already proven, yet because their stories are simply too good not to be true. Who wouldn’t want to invest in the future of clean energy, safety, ride sharing, and the future of transportation for the good of our planet?

*As we set our sights on creating a bright future for health care, what do we want that Story to be? How might we invite others to be active contributors to that Story?

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