Stay and Shop

The Epiphany Hotel in Palo Alto, California, and Shinola leather goods out of Detroit, Michigan, did not seem like natural partners, yet they joined forces to create “At Your Service,” a highly Personalized shopping Experience. Fashion and hospitality are two industries that often take the lead in Personalizing products and Experiences for customers, but it’s a fresh idea for them to combine forces as such. The customized shopping Experience that has been born from this unique partnership is a luxurious one; “Shinola At Your Service” begins with a private consultation with a personal shopper either in the hotel room or at Shinola’s Palo Alto location. Based on the consultation, a number of hand-selected items are presented to the guest, who chooses what they’d like to keep. From luxury watches to handbags or luggage, guests are sure to feel taken care of. The partnership extends to their highest floor–guests who book the luxury suite receive a personalized Shinola journal upon check-in. For Shinola, it was a great way to test the waters for their own hotel—Shinola Hotel, a boutique hotel touting a completely original hospitality Experience.

What organizations or industries might we create catalytic partnerships with to better Personalize the care and Experience for our team members, providers, patients, and guests?

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