Staging a New Kind of Luxury

New York City boutique hotels are typically known for two things: luxury and high prices. Yet, Experienced hotelier Ian Schrager Staged an Experience that made luxury accessible to all travelers. Schrager’s latest work, Public New York, is a hip, 370-room hotel complete with a large bar and coworking space on the Lower East Side – for only $200 a night. His aim was to ensure that each guest is treated with dignity and respect, something we all want to feel when we’re traveling in a new place. When asked about his new concept that leaves behind the “traditional” trappings of luxury, Schrager explained, “I think they [people] care about being made to feel comfortable, with their dignity intact and they’re being treated with respect and that they have a good Experience. They don’t care about those traditional signposts of luxury. They’re completely changed. Because people have changed. But for some reason the luxury approach in hotels hasn’t changed.”

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