Staged, but not ScripTED

Does the name Chris Anderson ring a bell when you think of TED talks? Chris is the curator of TED. His wisdom as to what makes a great TED talk can be applied to much of the work that we do. His biggest takeaway is really quite simple – give the gift of a single idea when giving a talk. Think about how you can apply this principle in your own presentations – how can you convey a single powerful idea?

You may already be familiar with some of the tools from the book, and we have recapped the top four ways to Stage a powerful talk below:

  1. Limit your talk to one major idea. 
  2. Give your listeners a reason to care.
  3. Build your idea, piece by piece, out of bits that the audience understands.
  4. Make your idea worth sharing.

As leaders, we have the opportunity to Stage Experiences for our team members through our words. Sometimes all it takes is one well-crafted, intention-filled presentation to shift perspectives in the room and boost morale.

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